AMBROSIA - "A Μultiplexed plasmo-photonic Βiosensing platfoRm fOr rapid and intelligent Sepsis dIAgnosis at the point of care" is a 4-year EU collaborative project that brings together twelve leading academic and research institutes and companies from eight different countries, aiming to provide the foundations for a multi-sensing future-proof point-of-care unit for sepsis diagnosis. The project was launched in January 2023 and it is funded by the European Commission through HORIZON-CL4-2022 framework, targeting the topic DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-03: Advanced multi-sensing systems (Photonics Partnership).

AMBROSIA will be investing in the established ultra-small-footprint and elevated sensitivity of integrated plasmo-photonic sensors reinforced by the well-known on-chip slow-light effect and the functional processing and classification portfolio of integrated photonic neural network engines for processing and classifying at the same time the data from at least 7 biomarkers and pathogens providing in the first minutes an accurate and rapid diagnosis of sepsis. At the same time, on-chip lasers and photodetectors integrated through micro-transfer printing technology on the hosting silicon nitride sensor and neuromorphic chips will drastically decrease costs tailoring them in System-in-Package prototype assemblies, with the sensor being a cheap disposable pluggable module that can rapidly and accurately diagnose sepsis at the bedside in clinical environments.