AMBROSIA is a research-driven innovation action with ambitious, but well-defined technical objectives. The consortium has been selected to include the entire technology development chain, comprising a high-quality blend of strong academic and industrial partners satisfying all possible technological requirements and exploitation paths. The AMBROSIA team is built for success consisting: (a) 4 universities (AUTH, SOTON, UB, UOI) and 2 research institutes (ICN2, VHIR) that bring together their expertise on real deployments of photonic sensors technology and neuromorphic processing, and (b) 6 established SMEs with strong R&D teams providing: 1) SiN plasmo-photonic chips for biosensing (LGT), 2) C-band InP-based lasers and photodetectors (SMART), 3) μTP technology in order to transfer InP-based lasers and PDs on the SiN PICs (XCEL), 4) PCB assembly of the integrated chip prototypes onto fully functional device prototypes (ARGO), 5) fabrication and integration of the microfluidic subsystem (MLIQ), 6) system assembly and prototyping (BIOPIX-T). With this partner composition, AMBROSIA will provide a clear path towards transforming the project objectives into exploitable know-how with strong market potential.

AUTH - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
ICN2 - Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
UB - University Dijon Bourgogne
X-CEL - X-CELeprint Limited

VHIR - Vall d'Hebron Research Institute
ARGO - Argotech
BIOPIX-Τ - Biopix DNA Technology P.C.

UOI - University of Ioannina
SMART - Smart Photonics
LGΤ - Ligentec
SOTON - University of Southampton